Chicken nachos and kids birthdays

For my son’s seventh birthday he wanted to go to a local steakhouse. On the way there I looked online to see if I had a coupon and I did find one it was for a free appetizer pictured in the ad or potato skins. We had a conversation about how good they looked and explained what they were to the kids because they never had them.

We get to the restaurant and deliberate about the selection of appetizers. Casual conversation occurred such as oh that looks good yeah that sounds good. Chicken nachos sound good and that looks like a big portion for all of us. Everyone said okay and didn’t act like they really cared. Then as the server was taking our order for the appetizer Ella and I are on one end of the table and were talking and then I asked the server, “actually let’s change that nachos to potato skins and then add some fried pickles”. The server took our order and then left.

Matt said asked if we change the order. I replied yes. He asked why I thought we agreed on chicken nachos. I explained that nobody acted like they cared what we were getting so Ella and I were having a side conversation and decided to try the potato skins. He said, “well I was thinking that if you did not order chicken nachos that I would order those in addition to what you were ordering because that is what I wanted…YOU TRUMPED ME. You overruled what I said.”

Ella interjected. “It’s not that big of a deal dad.”

His reply, “yeah it is, because I wanted chicken nachos.”

This banter went on for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel my chest getting tighter and I felt like my head was going to explode the more he talked. Finally I could take no more. I smacked my hands and the table and said, “that’s it”, as I stood up. The restaurant hushed because of the sound. I escaped to the front and found an employee to change our order.

This isn’t the first time he’s caused problems on one of the kids’ birthdays. Four years ago for our other son’s fifth birthday we we all snowed in. I did my best to make sure we celebrated in spite of that even though it was Just us celebrating. The badgering was caught on video.

Selfish, self-centered behavior.


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