Where are the screens?

Who knew a simple question where are the screens would earn me a night evening of turmoil?

Over the weekend the kids and I washed the windows and the screens on the dining room. I also spackled and sanded the bottom where the trim was going to go. I got home yesterday to find that all of this had been redone!

I did ask where the screens were because we had put them back in. Every other screen in the house has been removed and not been put back up. Matt replied that they were right there pointing to the living room and I told him that we cleaned him yesterday. He said well you did a sloppy job because they’re still dirty.

Later on in the evening I was repainting the dining room and about halfway finished I realized that there was drywall patching on the bottom that had not yet been sanded.

I did not bring it up until Matt asked, quotation did you see that I spackled around the floor?”
I replied that I did but not until after I had already painted over it. Then I asked why he did that because I had already done it and only went as low as what would be seen after the trim was placed. He argued that the trim would not lie flat against the wall until the wall spackle was touched up and sanded. I told him it didn’t matter. He argued it did.

He proceeded to tell me how critical I was and that he can’t do anything without me criticizing him.

Then I lost it.

What good does it do to do things like this when we do not even have floors or a kitchen in our home.


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