Pay back

I hid his sex toys he bought and boy did I pay for it. After questioning me about what I did with them…and I told him I threw them away…the badgering began. After about 10 minutes I finally had to leave the bedroom. I came upstairs to my daughter’s room and he soon followed. For one hour and ten minutes he stood over me while I lay in bed and brought up issue after issue. He asked question after question. Made insult after insult.

I warned him that I was finished talking and then when I refused to speak he grabbed my phone and said, “I’m looking at your account.” I asked for him to give it back. He refused. And not that he really wanted to look at anything, as he could so anytime, but he knew that would upset me.

And it did.

I started yelling and screaming. I began crying uncontrollably. Sobbing. Wailing. I lost all control. I said I hated him.

And I do. Lord help me for saying that and meaning it.

Our oldest daughter came downstairs and told him to give me back my phone and that he had no right to take it. He finally gave it back to me.

I am so done. For years I’ve been saying this. Here are some of the best ones from tonight:

“Didn’t you say it takes leaving seven times before it sticks? Maybe you’ll beat that statistic.”

“When something doesn’t go your way you have to take it out on somebody.”

There were many more. After a while I asked if he was so miserable then why didn’t he just let me go when I moved out instead of lying his way back into my life? His response, “I thought you were going to change.”

I had to remind him that I was the one begging the church for help. I was the one setting up appointments for counselors. And that I left HIM and moved away from him. He didn’t leave because of the way I was treating him. because I left because of how HE was behaving. Wow, how a manipulator can twist things so.


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