You’re Dead Wrong

I regrettably answered the phone at 8:00 so that he could ask a non-urgent question. At that point it was the 11th time he called me. Then after having attempted to call me 14 times at work and 27 times on my cell, I answered once again. He said he needed Brock’s number because he texted him about a post he saw on FB. I explained that I commented on his post and already deleted it.

Him: Was there anything wrong with that post? That was a sweet post from me to you. Only you were supposed to see that. I couldn’t figure out how everybody else was liking it. So do you see anything wrong with it?

Me: I sure do. After the episode last night and on Sunday.

Matt: You’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. It’s the wrong side of the bed and you got up on it. One of these days you’re going to get up on the right side of the bed. One of these days you’ll figure it out. But, for now, you’re wrong.

He called and told me this while I was at work. My heart started to race and my chest was pounding. I wanted to yell at him. But I remained silent.

He continued on:
Are we going to see our counselor on Thursday? Maybe she can sort things out for us and figure out what is going on here. But you’ll see…you’re wrong.

I mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to even have one single conversation with him.


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