Tis the Season

Left at 7:00 for work this am. Matt was still in bed.
Got home at 2:00. He was taking a nap. Yesterday he picked up a mattress and box springs for my sister that a friend of mine was giving away. It was still on the trailer. Being rained on. I asked him to help me get it inside and he told me that the kids could help me. He did get a few things put away today but not nearly everything that he said he would. He is notorious for pulling everything out to ‘sort’ through it and then leaving a bigger mess than what he began with. Instead of unpacking a little at a time. He thinks that picking up everything off the floor and piling it on the table is helping. Drives me freaking insane.
Vent over.

No it’s not… One more thing. He always complains that I come home grouchy. Today I came in and cheerfully said, ‘it’s looking more like a house in here!’
And I still got treated like that.
I am just going to grit my teeth and hold my tongue for now.

Doing a substandard job knowing I’ll be disappointed and then telling me I am dissatisfied. Wow. That is spot on.
Hmph. Moving. Yep. That sounds familiar. My mom and aunt came over to help clean windows and help this summer and they commented that they didn’t know what Matt did all day. They never came back after that.

At my old church when I would talk to my pastor’s wife about this kind of thing she would tell me to ‘tell on him to God’. Never a word about how he needs to step up to the plate or fulfill his responsibilities.

Some pseudo-friends from our old church dropped by last night to give us a gift and I let us know they’ve been thinking about us. Very thoughtful. She have me an ornament engraved with all of our names. It was very nice. And they gave Matt the book from the Courageous movie. Anyway, it was around 8:00 and Matt woke from his slumber and said to come in and that he needed to get up anyway. He asked what he was doing asleep at this time of night anyway… And then asked if he was working third shift somewhere. Ha!


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