Forest Gump

On a long drive home he turned on a DVD for the kids to watch. It was Forest Gump. Innocent enough, right? I happened to be sitting in the back with the kids and I said that the language was not appropriate for little kids.
His reply: They know they’re bad words. Kids, those are bad words…don’t say them.

So after our 7-year-old heard the term son of a bitch and asked what that was I again said that it was not appropriate for a kindergartner and first grader to be hearing. He argued with me that it was a great movie that won an Academy award and that it has a good story line. And that the kids know those are bad words.

I cannot believe I’m having to try and reason with the father of my kids, my husband, about this and that he is trying to justify watching something that is not age appropriate, nor wholesome, nor godly.

I am dumbfounded.

I say, “It doesn’t matter. It’s not a movie for little kids. There are plenty of good movies out there that are appropriate for little kids and this isn’t one of them.”

At about that time we stopped at Walgreens to get something so he got out of the car. As the movie turned off from the car being shut off I talked to the kids about guarding their hearts and guarding their eyes and ears with what they hear and see. I further went to explain that if they keep watching and listening to stuff like that, that eventually they’d become immune to it and would begin to accept that kind of thing as normal or OK.

He got back in the car and started it up, still not turning off the movie.

A few blocks down the road the scene came on when they were snorting cocaine in a bar.

Him: Those are drugs Ella (age 11).

Me: That’s it. Turn it off.

So the 7-year-old reached up and turned it off. Bless his little heart. I know he struggles with making good decisions and doing the right thing. He should have both parents helping him make good decisions, not one of them encouraging him to partake in worldly filth.

As the movie turned off, a Depeche Mode song came on.
Him: Oh so we go from that movie to listening to Depeche Mode. Let’s just let them listen to that. (Sarcastically)

Me: It’s your radio and your station presets.

Him: I don’t know how that got on there I listen to NPR or jazz.

Ella: That doesn’t make any sense. How did it get on that station then?

Me: Exactly.


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