Executive Assistant

Out of the blue he while laying in bed he began talking about people that I work with…
“I wonder what happened with Jim (the executive) and his assistant?
I thought he was dating a doctor.
I wonder what happened with that. She probably wasn’t pretty enough. His assistant is though. She’s a trophy.
But, she would have been better off to stay a Jehovah’s witness then be an adulteress.
I wonder how many times he’s been married and how many kids he has.”

Rewind to a few months ago when he saw the two of them having coffee on a Saturday morning. He made the comment that they were having an affair. “Why else would they be having coffee on a Saturday together?”

I, on the other hand, found this assumption ludicrous. She is in her 30s. He is in his 60s.
And they’re having coffee at a coffee shop on a Saturday morning across the street from their place of employment. Why would they choose a Saturday morning to nurture their affair? Why would they choose a coffee shop across the street from their work? It really made no sense to me.

I finally convinced Matt that he was assuming things that he really had no knowledge of. After some time he said, “you’re probably right. And truth be known, if I weren’t afraid of that very thing happening to my own wife then that kind of thing wouldn’t even cross my mind”.

So on Monday morning I asked around and found out that they indeed did have to work on Saturday morning on a special project that required them to be there during off hours.

Where does this thought process come from and why does he want to burden me with these thoughts? And something that is missing from typing this out is his tone. It’s very strange and impossible to explain.


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