Missing My Dad

My heart hurts:(

I can only imagine how mom feels.  I have cried for 24 hours straight now it seems like. I only worked for about two hours today because I felt like I was going to cry anytime anybody looked at me. 

I wish this was all a bad dream and that  I’d wake up and we’d plan on meeting down in Branson then soon we’d talk about what to have for Easter dinner.  I would make some suggestions and he’d say he was going to smoke a brisket. And bake a turkey and probably a ham, too. I want to call him and tell him how I used his idea and burned the three stumps on the front yard and tell him how great it worked so he could feel good about his idea and be proud of me for getting it done. I want to make plans for the kids to stay a couple days each on spring break next week because they love spending time with papa.  I want to ask him how happy he is that Ted Cruz announced he is running for president. I want to make a copy of Carson’s baseball schedule and give to him so that they can come to his games.  


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